I’m excited to share a behind the scenes tour of a Community-Powered Course we built on Circle that was previously hosted on a combination Kajabi + Facebook groups + their website + email marketing. 

In other words, it was a mess.

We were able to consolidate everything on Circle including:
• Evergreen / on-demand online course
• Live weekly coaching sessions
• Community chat spaces
• Onboarding checklist
• Small niche groups
• Masterminds
• Paywalls

Before consolidating on Circle, their setup was quite complicated to manage and confusing for the students in the program. 

Since switching, everything is in one place and it’s created a much better user experience for both the students and the admins running the business. 


If you’re not happy with your online coaching or course business, reach out and I’d love to show you how it could be better.

Build a Community-Powered Course

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