The Onboarding Blueprint Product

Why do you need a custom onboarding experience for your community?

Because you are losing money by not having one.

Without an onboarding experience, a higher rate of your members will churn, disengage, stall out or won't succeed in your program -- which means no testimonials or no word of mouth marketing, and no additional upsells to other packages.

Which means your business is like a leaky bucket with a lot of people added to the top and dripping right out the bottom instead of retaining and succeeding.

BUT -- When you have a great onboarding experience like this

You plug the leaks in your bucket before they cause problems down stream.

Your new customer feels welcomed, impressed with your thoughtful process, and confident they made the right decision and will succeed with your program. You give them a clear overview and next steps so there’s nothing standing in their way to start taking action.

This highly incentivizes members to fully engage into your program, invest the time and effort, and get the results, because they know how everything works clearly and simply inside your community program.

So they attend more calls, ask more questions and get help instead of getting confused and just ‘putting it down’ for now to come back to later (which many times means never).

Strike While the Iron is Hot

It makes sense right? As soon as your customer buys they are at the PEAK of their excitement for the program — they just got done going through your marketing, they believe it can work for them, and they just swiped their credit card to find out.

Then, imagine if they are dropped into something like ‘first lesson’ in your LMS of your course… or into an active community with no clear idea of what they should do or where they go to find what they need. They are dropped into the ocean left to sink or swim. Yikes.

When they have a bad experience like that, it can really jar their confidence, belief and momentum in the program. Which makes it less likely that they will finish, and most importantly, succeed in achieving the results your program promises.

When you onboard them with thought, care and professionalism, it shows you have a high value program. You’ve thought this through. You know what they need to do to succeed, and you can show them step-by-step.

Those positive signals you send via your first impression will set the tone for the program. This is the time to set good expectations of how your program works, but also, what you expect of your students to succeed.

This creates a clear, level playing field that you can refer back to in the future to hold people accountable, which increases the rate of success that your program will have.

First impressions really do matter, and you want your onboarding experience to be a ‘wow I’m so glad I bought this program’ reaction instead of a ‘huh? now what?’.

Introducing the Onboarding Blueprint

So how do you get these best-in-class effects in your community fast?

The best way to do that is with our Onboarding Blueprint product.

We will install our customized onboarding sequence we developed for our $30k DFY clients.

We’ve developed a highly professional and detailed setup which has been refined over time from working with dozens of top communities on Circle.

And it's 100% done-for-you.

Here's How it Works

Onboarding Blueprint is not only our content we’ve developed (text and videos) but we will install it for you in your Circle account, so there’s nothing you need to do.

We’ll build it in a secret space group, then when we’re ready we’ll flip the switch and snap it into your live community.

Plus we give you the messaging for how to announce and launch it. We even have a custom member badging system add-on which allows members to tag themselves through the onboarding experience to differentiate themselves inside the community — members love this.

We’ve worked with a lot of large communities, and now offering this limited time offer to work with us in a small capacity. 

100% Done-for-you

Onboarding Blueprint



Limited time offer. Save $500. 

Limited to first 10 people.

8 spots remaining.

What's Included

A 100% done-for-you service where I will implement the best practices in creating an onboarding sequence in Circle for you. 

You will have an amazing onboarding experience, customized to your community, that your members will use to launch them successfully into your community program.


  • Space setup
  • Onboarding steps (posts)
  • Video content
  • Copy
  • Post customizations
  • Custom navigation buttons


  • Copy
  • Video
  • URL (start here space / onboarding)


  • Bring existing members into the new onboarding


  • Zap setup
  • Message copy


  • Custom member self-badging system