The Onboarding Blueprint

A pre-built onboarding package for Circle communities



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What's Inside:

  • Step-by-step posts that educate and excite new members (with videos)
  • Custom navigation buttons & post layouts
  • Proven messaging and scripts you can use out of the box

Build Trust

Imagine you're going to a dinner part in a foreign country that has a completely different culture than what you're used to. Even if you're an extravert, you'll be nervous. What should you wear? Will you know how to use the utensils? What will be appropriate in conversation? 

Now let's say a friend who grew up in this culture sits you down and lets you know what to expect. You'd probably feel a lot better, right? You'd feel more prepared and like you had a much better chance of fitting in.

This is what onboarding can do for your community. Onboarding helps people understand what's expected. It explains the "norms" and "customs" of your community, so that people know how to act in order to fit in. Onboarding builds trust.

This is what onboarding can do for your community. Onboarding helps people understand what's expect. It explains the “norms” and “customs” of your community, so that people know how to act in order to fit in. Onboarding builds trust.


The onboarding blueprint simplifies one of the most daunting but essential tasks in creating an engaged and well-oriented community. They not only load a pre-built Circle space into your profile, but also share scripts for recording your own onboarding videos to orient your members to your community. I could have spent countless hours revising my onboarding process to be aligned with best practices. Instead, this blueprint gave me a significant head start.

Lewis PochéAssociate Director of Higher Powered Learning, University of Notre Dame

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Purchase the Onboarding Blueprint
  • Step 2: Provide your Circle API key
  • Step 3: We install the Onboarding Blueprint into your account
  • Step 4: You review, add your welcome video, and publish
  • Step 5: Your new onboarding package is live and new members are getting more out of your community
  • Step 6: You finish this in minutes to hours instead of weeks to months of trial and error on your own!

The Onboarding Blueprint installs instantly (utilizing your Circle API key)

Save Time and Energy  

Look, I get it. You're a business owner with a busy calendar. You're pulled between improving your community, recruiting community members, building your course, and more. 

With the onboarding blueprint, I aimed to created something that could be installed instantly and start providing value immediately. There's always more you can learn to help your members have a better experience. And I've been there - I've created a course and struggled endlessly to perfect it. I wanted to create a product that improves your community with as little time and decision making from you as possible.

Showcase Your Community

It’s all about people understanding you and your unique community. For one community, onboarding might help them understand that they should upload a professional headshot as their profile picture instead of a cartoon cat.

Onboarding helps people understand which version of themselves they should bring to your community.

In a different community, the cartoon cat might be the better option. It's not about the headshot or the cat. It's about helping people understand your unique community.

Without onboarding, members are:

  • Dropped into the community
  • Forced to sink or swim
  • Disengaged
  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Not talking to other members

With onboarding, members are:

  • Welcomed
  • Ready to make the most out of your program
  • Motivated
  • Engaging with each other
  • Getting results
  • Aware of the resources available to them


Q: Will the onboarding blueprint delete existing content? 

  • A: No, the onboarding blueprint will not delete any existing content. It will install as a new, separate space in your community.

Q: Will the onboarding blueprint immediately go live and be visible to members? 

  • A: No. If your community is live, we can put the onboarding blueprint in a secret space group until you're ready for it to be live. 

Q: How quickly will the onboarding blueprint be installed into my community? 

  • A: You can expect to see the onboarding blueprint when you log onto your community within 24 hours after purchase.

Q: What will I as the community leader have to do to get the onboarding blueprint ready to go live? 

  • A: You will need to record welcome and community tour videos (based on our instructions and script); add your community guidelines; and update a few links (we'll make it clear exactly which ones) so that they direct to your actual community spaces.

Q: Can I add or remove steps from the onboarding blueprint sequence to make it my own?

  • A: Yes. You can edit the steps to personalize the sequence to your community's needs.

Q: Can I get support from the GrowthCommunity team while I'm setting up the blueprint?

  • A: Yes. The GrowthCommunity team will be there to help you make the blueprint your own and answer any questions that might come up.


In our community, minimizing visual clutter and ensuring an accessible experience is a top priority. I recognized that beginning with a user-friendly onboarding experience would set a positive tone. I appreciate using a pre-built template so that I can stay dedicated to what I do best —creating content and designing, without getting bogged down in technical details.

Megan Neff Founder, Neurodivergent Insights



5/5 stars from 2 reviews

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