FAQ Blueprint

A ready-to-use space with straight forward answers to the most common questions your members have

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What's Inside:

  • A done-for-you FAQ space in Circle, complete with 10 most common questions and answers
  • Clear instructions for setting up a profile, customizing notifications, managing a subscription, and more
  • Helps members make the most out of Circle and reduces your work load to support them

  • Save Time

    I know that running a community is stressful. You’ve got notifications coming in from email, Whatsapp, Circle, and iMessage. You’re trying to stay on top of everything, but you’re not sure what to prioritize.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce friction for your members with a handy-dandy FAQ section?

    When your members are wondering how to set up their profile, update notification settings, or download the mobile app, they can head to the FAQ section.

    This allows them to get answers quickly. It also increases their trust in you and your course. It makes you seem professional and like your course has a polished flow.

    How does it work?

    • Step 1: Purchase the FAQ Blueprint
    • Step 2: Provide your Circle API key
    • Step 3: We install the FAQ Blueprint into your account
    • Step 4: You review, add any community-specific questions, and publish
    • Step 5: Your FAQ Blueprint is live and members are getting more out of your community
    • Step 6: You finish this in minutes to hours instead of weeks to months of trial and error on your own!

    The Onboarding Blueprint installs instantly (utilizing your Circle API key)

    Make Circle Less Overwhelming

    By providing answers to key questions, you can help your members feel less overwhelmed by Circle. This will reduce the amount of overwhelm they feel during the entire process of engaging with your community, thereby allowing them to gain more momentum, take more action, and see better results.

    If you were to create an FAQ page on your own, it might be able to answer some  people’s questions. But, it might include extra questions that people don’t tend to have, or it might miss key questions that we’ve included. We developed this product after working with 50+ Circle communities. We’ve compiled our experiential knowledge in this FAQ blueprint to save you time and energy so you can focus on serving your community better.

    Without an FAQ section:

    • Members aren't sure where to go with questions
    • Members don't know how to use Circle in the best way
    • People are confused
    • Lots of members are reaching out with simple questions
    • Members get stuck and don't build momentum
    • People lose confidence in you and your program

    With an FAQ section:

    • Members find answers to simple questions quickly
    • Members build momentum and make progress in their lives
    • Members understand how to make the most out of Circle
    • Your DM's are less busy so you can focus on what's important
    • Members set up profiles and connect with each other
    • People see your community as polished and professional

    FAQs: (about FAQ's!)

    Q: Will the FAQ Blueprint delete existing content? 

    • A: No, the FAQ Blueprint will not delete any existing content. It will install as a new, separate space in your community.

    Q: Will the FAQ Blueprint immediately go live and be visible to members? 

    • A: No. If your community is live, we can put the FAQ Blueprint in a secret space group until you're ready for it to be live. 

    Q: How quickly will the FAQ Blueprint be installed into my community? 

    • A: You can expect to see the FAQ Blueprint within 24 hours after purchase (sometimes immediately if you install via API - instruction provided).

    Q: What will I as the community leader have to do to get the FAQ Blueprint ready to go live? 

    • A: You just need to move the space into your active Space Group and make sure your members have access to it. You can add / remove any FAQs that it comes with at any time.

    Q: Can I add or remove FAQs from the FAQ Blueprint sequence to make it my own?

    • A: Yes. You can edit the FAQs to personalize the sequence to your community's needs.

    Q: Can I get support from the GrowthCommunity team while I'm setting up the blueprint?

    • A: Yes. The GrowthCommunity team will be there to help you make the FAQ Blueprint your own and answer any questions that might come up.

    Get Access Now for $47

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