Case Study:

How we 10x'd the value of a Fb community

“We have 100% 10x’d the value of the community by moving to Circle.”
- Dave Gerhardt, founder of Exit Five

Dave Gerhardt, founder of Exit Five, a community for B2B marketers, recently moved his 3,500 paying member community from Facebook Groups to Circle.

With the help of the GrowthCommunity team, Dave seamlessly transitioned his community, implementing fresh ideas and leveraging Circle's powerful features.

So, why did Dave decide to switch?

  1. He wanted Exit Five to be a more acquirable business.
  2. He wanted a better user experience. Not everyone is a fan of Facebook, and Dave recognized the importance of offering an alternative platform for his members.
  3. The icing on the cake was the chance to build a custom mobile app for his community using the Circle platform. Talk about taking user experience to a whole new level!

Jordan and Dave discuss how to narrow down your ideas when launching or migrating a professional community.

The Ideation Stage

As Dave made the transition, Jordan helped him decide how to structure the various topics and channels within the community as it transitioned to a new platform. Dave and Jordan followed the spark of their curiosity to make the community as engaging and valuable as possible.

Choosing the Right Technology

Dave chose Circle because of the high-quality customer service he experienced during the decision process and combination of powerful features.

Dave trusted that Circle and GrowthCommunity would be able to help him execute his vision for the community without compromising the experience for existing members. Particularly during migrations, it’s important to work with someone you trust to create a smooth transition.

Dave discusses Circle and GrowthCommunity’s high-quality customer service

Dave appreciated the open dialogue he was able to have with Circle and GrowthCommunity. Dave has a scrappy, can-do attitude, so being able to communicate directly and efficiently with the Circle team was a big plus for him.

Jordan and Dave discuss how to narrow down your ideas when launching or migrating a professional community.

Best Practices & Following Your Passion

Making the transition to focus on Exit Five full time has been exciting for Dave. He loves getting to make content and work on the community. We’ve loved being able to help him grow something he’s passionate about.

Dave loves what he's doing, but also wants the option to sell the asset in the future if he desires. Being able to make a white-glove community that was set up for long-term usability and growth with the help of GrowthCommunity was key.

Dave and his members are thrilled with the transition. Dave has gotten feedback from members that they loved his content but didn’t want to use Facebook. Now, members are saying the community is 10x more valuable on Circle.

Dave is ecstatic to be able to keep growing his community with feedback from members and guidance about best practices from GrowthCommunity.

Why did Dave want to work with GrowthCommunity?

“You have done a bunch of these community transitions. You know Circle in and out. You’re not just going to help me do it, you’re going to have ideas on what’s going to make it great. On best practices. It’s not just that you helped me with the tech side of it. You’re like, ‘Here’s the structure that I suggest, based on different ways I've seen this done before'. That's why I wanted to partner with you.”

- Dave Gerhardt, founder of Exit Five

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