GrowthCommunity Academy

A hands on coaching program to help you build a Community-Powered Program that creates powerful transformations for your students and an amazing business for yourself.

If you've used Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia,

or any other Old School LMS...

...and tried to bolt on a Facebook group, Slack channel, or worse, have no community app at all…

You are missing out on sales, leaving revenue on the table and not generating life-changing student results for most of your customers because your program isn't optimized for how people learn today.

Or, if you're building your community business from scratch for the first time.. even better! You're in the right place.

Dear expert,

I know you want to help people change their lives and generate a great income.

But is your program living up to everything you dreamed it would be?

If you’re not happy with how your business is performing, let me ask you...

Does your program make your students feel like they’re part of an exciting, energetic movement that virtually guarantees their success?

Or are they bored to tears watching a wall of videos (they’ll never finish), alone in solitary confinement?

Any of these true for you?

  • You struggle to charge higher prices even though you know it’s worth it
  • You deeply care about your students but you're frustrated with their low success rates and lack of referrals
  • You’re tired of using (and paying for) multiple tools to run your business
  • You try to engage with your students and get crickets back.. wondering if they even saw it
  • You added a Facebook group or Slack to create community & engagement, but you secretly don’t enjoy using it (and neither do your students)
Headshot of Toréa Rodriguez, FDN-P, Optimize Wellness

“Jordan helped me build a beautiful community for my coaching business using Circle, and integrated all my online courses and community in one place. I went from using 3 apps to 1! Now my clients are more engaged and it's easier to run my business. Highly recommend.”

Torea rodriguez, FDN-P & health coach - Founder of Optimized wellness

Introducing, the next wave in online education...

If your'e ready to:

  • Create a movement of successful customers who publicly sing your praises
  • Charge more for your course & have customers immediately buy your next offer
  • Get rid of excess apps and bring your entire course & community into one place

Transform your Old School Course into a Community-Powered Course today

The Old Way vs The New Way

The Old Way — Old School Courses

  • Focused on information
  • Hard to charge high $$$
  • Boring and static
  • No accountability, lonely solitary journey
  • High dropout rate
  • No support
  • Copyable, easy to pirate
  • On-demand video only

The New Way — Community-Powered Courses

  • Focused on transformation
  • Easy to charge high $$$
  • Alive and dynamic
  • Engaging shared journey with others
  • High success rate
  • Support from instructor, coaches & community
  • Impossible to copy
  • Mix of live events, coaching, community + video trainings

What is a Community-Powered Course?

  • A foundation where all customers, content, courses & community lives together in one place
  • A highly engaging and dynamic form of learning and implementing your teachings
  • The next wave in online learning that the most successful courses are already using

Why Community-Powered Courses?

  • People are tired of watching videos on their own and failing to implement
  • People hate using multiple sites get everything out of your program (especially Fb groups – ask them and see)
  • People crave connection, support and community while on this shared journey

“After switching from Kajabi and Facebook Groups to an all-in-one CPC on Circle we saw a 50% jump in attendance on our live calls and our students are loving the new experience.”

Sarah Turner, Copywriter & 7-figure coach, Write Your Way to Freedom

What's inside GrowthCommunity Academy?

Jordan at whiteboard
00 Getting STARTED
Laying the foundation
  • Create a community-powered course to stand out from the competition and deliver incredible student results
  • Understand the 3 elements you need to create a highly engaging course experience
  • Learn the number one problem with online courses that destroys students success, and how to avoid it
01 Build
  • Learn the best practices for the perfect course community setup inside Circle
  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the top course communities to use as inspiration – easily copy what you like from each one
  • Add our recommended community spaces to support the learning experience
  • Create paywalls, upsells and onboarding spaces to prepare for a smooth launch
02 launch
  • Migrate students seamlessly from another LMS without hiccups or confusion
  • Use our proven Onboarding Blueprint to reduce support issues and provide a perfect onboarding experience without having to lift a finger
  • Launch your course and make sales right away
03 engage
student success
  • Use these 3 playbooks to create highly engaged students after you launch
  • Implement our automated feedback system to gather insights and testimonials for your course automatically
  • Learn how to engage with members at scale without lifting a finger via automation
Jordan writing
04 Monetize
Revenue options
  • Learn the right pricing strategy for your CPC to maximize value and revenue
  • Create a recurring revenue subscription offer
  • Offer multiple upsells and add-ons automatically
05 Grow
community success
  • What goals should you have for your community
  • How to market and grow your community with your ideal members
  • Challenges of different membership models as you grow 
headshot of Kate strachnyi

"Jordan helped me launch Circle and change my business model to an all inclusive subscription. This has really simplified my life and my audience loves it!"

Kate strachnyi, founder datacated

Join GrowthCommunity Academy

  • Lifetime Access to the CPC course
  • Community access & support
  • Weekly group coaching, Q&As, hot seats
  • Community of successful entrepreneurs
  • Library of templates & playbooks

About Jordan Godbey

Jordan is a coach, course creator, consultant and certified Circle Expert.

He’s built a course from $0 to $1m/year and since has worked with over 250 clients to help them improve their course businesses.

Now he’s focused on bringing the next wave of online learning to the masses by helping experts create Community-Powered Courses.

He lives with his wife, daughter and pup in beautiful Querétaro, Mexico and feels blessed to get to work with such bright, caring and successful creators from all over the world.

Headshot of Madeleine MacRae

“I've been able to productized my knowledge and serve vastly more coaching clients thanks to Jordan's help with my new course community on Circle!”

Madeleine Macrae, executive coach & Founder of Homepro toolbox

The Full Curriculum

In this course, you'll learn to: 

  • integrate your course and your community together in one place
  • create a highly engaging learning experience
  • migrate from your current LMS and setup your course quickly in Circle 
  • create upsells and setup paywalls to charge for your course
  • see where students are dropping off and automatically support them
  • automatically gather testimonials for your course
  • run live events natively inside Circle 
  • integrate your CPC into the rest of your tech stack (CRM, email marketing, etc
  • create a seamless onboarding experience & generate a wow first impression

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is building a course on Circle important?

The old way of doing online courses is over. It’s boring, lonely, isolating and gets much worse results than the new way, which is community-powered. People crave connection, support and engagement with the instructor and other students who are on the same journey they’re on. It results in higher retention and better student success.

Why should I listen to you?

I believe independent online learning is the best way to change the world, with students learning straight from experienced experts like you. I have personally transformed my own life via online courses and coaching. I’ve analyzed hundreds of online courses and love helping experts like you create thriving businesses than create real transformations.

What will I learn in this course?

You’ll learn how to setup your course in Circle, best practices for integrating the course and community experience together, and how to get the highest student engagement with the least amount of your time by leveraging automation.

How long will it take to implement?

It depends on your readiness and availability. The fastest can consume this entire course and setup your Circle in a few days if you block off the time or it could take a few weeks to setup and learn how to run properly. Many engagement strategies must be put into place and tested to see if they work for your audience.

I’m busy, can you setup my CPC for me?

Yes, we offer a DFY Done-for-you service to do 100% of the work for you using all the best practices and experience we’ve learned from building dozens and dozens of top Circle learning communities. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a magic wand.

Still have questions? Ask below and we'll get back to you

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